Hi, I am Maxim Lapis

I am a programmer and startup consultant.

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About me



Being born in Russia and raised in Germany I am very passionate for different micro- and macro-cultures and their effects. I love all kinds of technology, their challenges and the amazing things they allows us to do.


I excel at challenges where I can be pragmatic, fast and iterate quick on feedback. If I can shorten the feedback cycle by talking to the customer directly, I would absolutely prefer to. I am a generalist, interested in a lot of topics ranging from startups, programming, artificial intelligence, culture, sales psychology and many more topics. My two specialties are programming in Ruby on Rails, as well as automation of sales and internal processes.

My services

I am doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Full stack

I work on backend, frontend and simple designs.

Automation and AI

Let me help you to get rid of unnecessary organizational work.


I can help you to see your business from a new angle.

Previous Works

Cofounder at Fachangebot.de UG


About Fachangebot.de UG

Fachangebot generated customer leads for small and medium business. We used advanced Search Engine Advertising techniques and highly performant landing pages to drastically improve the advertising effiency of our customers. Meanwhile we allowed our customers to focus on old fashioned customer aquisition while we took over the online lead generation for them.


  • Cofounder and Co-CEO
  • Technical Director
  • Concept, Design and Programming of our landing page CMS
  • Automating of internal processes
  • Building marketing tools and iterating on sales strategy

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angularjs
  • Bootstrap

Programmer and consultant at lengoo GmbH


About lengoo GmbH

lengoo is a fast growing translation company that sources its translators from students of international top universities. It has a very high focus on quality assurance and competitive pricing.


  • Consulting on automation of internal processes
  • Programming internal automation suite
  • Consulting on database design
  • Consulting on sales strategy

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Podio-API
  • Angularjs
  • Bootstrap

Creator of BoardsAppStore.com


About BoardsAppStore

BoardsAppStore.com is an App Store for Trello productivity boards such as CRM, Helpdesk and Bugtracker boards. All boards can be installed in two clicks.


  • Concept, design and programming
  • Building productivity boards

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Trello-API
  • Bootstrap

Creator of staaartup.com


About staaartup.com

Staaartup.com is a job board for local startup jobs. It allows to post the job offer simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter and Indeed. Jobs remain easily searchable directly on the website.


  • Concept, design and programming
  • Building cooperations
  • Administration
  • Initial marketing

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Facebook, Twitter and Indeed API
  • Angularjs
  • Bootstrap

I love hard challenges and
getting things done


"As a freelancer Maxim helped us a lot to automate crucial business and sales processes and played an important role in scaling our early stage business. At the same time, Maxim made sure that we don't lose any current business potential in the process. We really value Maxims direct communication and efficient feedback approach that ultimately resulted in a very fast development of our solution."

Alexander Gigga

Customer Development at lengoo

"I got to know Maxim while he was still working on Fachangebot. We exchange new business ideas and work on minor projects together from time to time. I appreciate his entrepreneural mindset and his can-do attitude a lot. I am sure he would be a great asset to any company or startup."

Michael Emaschow

Founder of Papershift and Codiga

"I've worked with Maxim on several projects. He's very fast in building prototypes to give an early idea of how an actual product could look like. During the projects, he used fast iteration cycles to ensure the project is going into the right direction. He knows what he's doing, it's fun to work with him."

Sebastian Meßmer

Founder of Sunsteps.org

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Maxim Lapis
Dresdener Str. 36
10179 Berlin, Germany



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